Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Baseball Season

Well, it's that time of year again when I dust off the ol' blog. Seems I'm only here during baseball season. I don't know what it is that makes me want to write during this time of year...but here goes.

This year we'll be rooting for three (four if you count both of Kyle's) different teams.

Kyle is playing for the brand new high school in town. He is a Glacier Peak Grizzly. His select team has time off for the high school season and will kick up as soon as it is done. He'll be playing with the North Corner Tribe in the summer.

Josh is in 8th grade and the middle schools here don't have baseball programs. A crime, I think. He is playing for the Maltby Battle Cats. We have our first tournament on the other side of the state at the end of this month in Wenatchee. I'm sure you'll get updates.

Andrew and Brett are playing AAA for the South Snohomish Little League Indians. I have been really impressed with their coach thus far. I've never seen a more organized practice for kids at this age level. Once again, Brett is the smallest guy on his team - by a long-shot. I'm quite confident he won't play the smallest...if you know what I mean.

Should be fun. Now, I have to get the schedules straight. Yikes!


Brandy said...

What's this? Dean, are you blogging? :P
I *heart* baseball season.

Klocke said...

FYI, Wenatchee is not the "other side of the state". It is in the center.

Dean Kuest said...

Brandy - You'll have to come see a few games.

Klocke - smart alec! If it's a three hour drive, it's the other side of the state to me.