Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Don't Know Words

My parents are missionaries, but not missionaries in the sense of being planted in one place overseas and staying there. They live here in Washington, but travel about seven months of the year to differing locations to teach and lead leaders. Last week my parents came home from one of their many overseas trips. They often bring back things for my boys and tell them a little bit about what they experienced on the trip. This trip was to Tajikistan (a first for them) and they brought back some handmade bookmarks for the boys (who are avid readers). Jamie, my youngest, is about to turn four this month and did not understand the purpose of the bookmark he had been given. I explained that when you read a book and want to stop, you put the bookmark in the book so that you will remember where you stopped reading.

Jamie's face got really sad and he looked at me and said, "But I don't know words". Pretty dang cute. Now he wants Mom to teach him to read. We'll give it shot this summer.


Josh said...

Jamie is not 4, seriously. You guys just moved up here, and he is still a baby. WOW, how time flies.

Lisa said...

Hi Dean Kuest! I didn't know you were a blogger! The Stiegs say "Hey" from Oklahoma! I have only one complaint about your blog, and that is that after looking through every post, there is NO PICTURE of your lovely wife! Please tell her I said hello! And your Jamie story is so sweet...I am amazed to hear that you have FIVE BOYS and the youngest is FOUR! Holy Cow! Time sure has a way of changing things!

God bless your ministry in Seattle!


Cyndee said...

Sweet Jamie!