Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Refresh vs. Refuel

Well, we are coming to the end of the baseball season. Andrew and Brett had their last game on Saturday. We took 4th in a tournament of 12 teams and lost to the eventual first place team. It was so much fun to see and be a part of them playing "real" baseball. Now, I am getting ready to leave home for the second to last game (Saturday is the last) for Josh's team and Sunday marks two team parties. We had the opportunity to play on some summer tournament teams but have turned them down so that we can actually go on vacation and have family time.

Today, I had a great conversation with my friend Ryan and he was kicking my butt (in a nice way) about writing something on my blog beyond baseball. So here it goes...today was a good day. It started with a pretty lousy hour and half drive to a meeting that I didn't end up having (another story), but on the drive there I spent it listening to a podcast that really challenged my thinking about the priority of where I spend my time. That was followed by an hour long conversation with Ryan and our conversations are always both encouraging and challenging. I made it back to Mill Creek to engage in a conversation with Josh Williams, our Worship Pastor in which I was talking about all of the challenging things that I was processing. It was a great morning.

Bottom line: I am discovering the difference between being "Refreshed" and "Refueled". When I am exhausted, either physically, emotionally or spiritually, my first response is to run toward refreshment. What does that look like for me? Baseball games, away time with my family, or simply quiet time alone. Those all refresh me. However, when I get back to the grind of church planting, the exhaustion overwhelms me almost instantly. Why? Because I have not refueled. It's like taking your car to the car wash, but never gassing up. The car feels good, looks good, and smells good, but it's still not going anywhere. What I often fail to do is gas up the engine of my soul. That happens for me through Bible Study, listening to leaders speak about leading and pastoring, challenging conversations with friends, and getting away from it all to listen to God (not necessarily talking to Him). Those things cost. They require investment, but the dividends are outrageous - it fuels me.

I obviously need both refreshment and refueling. How do you find each of these things in your life? (I'm veclempt. Talk amongst yourselves.)


ryan said...

there you go... i knew you had it in you. seriously, you have pastoral insights to contribute here online and many who are 'refueled' by God through you as you do; espcially those in ministry (volunteer or fulltime) - thanks again for our conversation.

The Coffey Grounds said...

Dean thanks for those encouraging words. After spending many hours at the beach this summer I fill refreshed but now need to be refueled. My prayer right now is where does God want me to be serving and to continue to be Jesus with skin on. You know me I love Him and love to serve. Can't wait to see you guys! It's HOT as... Well you remember!

Perry said...

Hey Dean,

Great post! Thanks for those words. I would have to agree with Ryan, you have much insight to give and though I love baseball, I also love to see the heart of a friend who is seeking God come through. Thanks again.

Sara said...

Hi Dean,
I agree with Ryan. Though I love reading about your boys and their baseball, thank you for your insight today.
I was very excited to learn today that you will be preaching at Central this summer. I can't wait.
Sara Weber
PS-The letter is in the mail. It's my fault it took me so long to get to the post office since it took more than a regular stamp. Something about a 3 year old, a 5 year old, the post office, and 110 degrees didn't motivate me to move as quickly as I should have.

Branton Family said...

Dean, something I needed to hear. . . thanks so much for sharing your heart. We also really appreciate your prayers for Zach and staying posted on our lives (literally!). Take care and stay in touch. Amy